• Rush University Department of Orthopedics, Chicago, IL
  • Division of Sports Medicine
  • Division of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery
  • Rush Cartilage Restoration Center
  • Washington University School of Medicine/Barnes-Jewish Hospital, St. Louis, MO
  • Department of Orthopedics
Medical School:
  • Duke University School of Medicine, Durham, NC
  • Michael Kryzyewski Human Performance Laboratory Research Fellowship
  • University of Missouri, Columbia, MO
High School
  • Mehlville Senior High School, St. Louis, MO

While training at top institutions does not necessarily make someone a great doctor or surgeon, it can have several advantages. Dr. Mall, through his training, has been a part of several clinical trials involving the latest cartilage restoration and repair procedures in the world, procedures that most other orthopedic surgeons in St. Louis have never attempted because they are not available to patients outside the study. Many orthopaedic surgeons may not have even heard or read about these new techniques, and thus do not know if you may be a candidate for these procedures. In the world of cartilage restoration and repair there are many options, each that works best for specific areas of the knee, shoulder, elbow, or ankle and in specific patients. Using the wrong technique in the wrong person or the wrong defect can produce inferior results. Dr. Mall trained with Dr. Brian Cole, one of the busiest cartilage surgeons in the world and who has helped define the proper indications for these procedures. Also at Rush, Dr. Mall trained with many of the leaders in Sports Medicine and innovators in Shoulder and Elbow surgery where he helped perform all arthroscopic biological resurfacing of the shoulder, meniscus transplants, cartilage transplants, treatment of OCD's of the knee, elbow, and ankle, muscle transfers and augmentation patches for rotator cuff tears deemed "not repairable" by other surgeons, shoulder replacements, osteotomies about the knee to offload damaged cartilage, Tommy John surgeries, and complex ACL revision surgeries. Dr. Mall completed his residency training at Washington University, which further prepared him to handle even the most complex sports injuries.

Dr. Mall has brought the skills he has learned throughout his training to St. Louis and has created St. Louis's first Center for Cartilage Restoration. The goal of this center is to provide patients in St. Louis and the entire Midwest access to the latest cartilage restoration options for the knee, shoulder, elbow, and ankle. Dr. Mall has a special interest in pediatric and adolescent conditions and has gained experience in this during his time at Duke University, Washington University, and Rush University. Combining these two interests has naturally made Dr. Mall a leader in the treatment of osteochondritis dissecans (OCD), pediatric and adolescent ACL tears, knee injuries, shoulder and elbow injuries and ankle injuries.

Also, during his training, Dr. Mall assisted in caring for the St. Louis Rams, St. Louis Blues, Chicago Bulls, and Chicago White Sox amongst other collegiate, developmental league, and high school's sports teams. Dr. Mall has extensive experience with professional athletes and will provide his patients with the same care that is provided to these professionals. His experience with recreational athletes and pediatric and adolescent athletes will allow him to tailor his care to your specific needs.

Team Coverage Experience

  1. Chicago Bulls
    • Training Camp - 12/2011
    • Game Coverage (2011/2012 Season)
  2. Chicago White Sox
    • Game coverage (2011 Season & 2012 Season)
    • Spring Training (February 2012)
  3. St. Louis Blues
    • Team Physicals (July 2009)
    • Game coverage (2009/2010 season)
  4. St. Louis Rams
    • Training camp (August 2009)
    • Training Room coverage (2009/2010 season)
Collegiate/Developmental Leagues
  1. NCAA Basketball Tournament - Head Physician (March 2012)
  2. Depaul University (2011/2012)
  3. Chicago Steel Hockey
    • Game coverage (2011/2012 Season)
  4. IGI Chicago Style Gymnastics Invitational Meet (2012)
    • Largest gymnastics meet in the world
High School
  1. McDonald's All-American Men's and Women's Games - Head Physician (March 2012)
  2. Oak Park/River Forest High School, Chicago, IL
    • Varsity Football Coverage (Fall 2011)
  3. Parkway Central High School, St. Louis, MO
    • Varsity Football Coverage (Fall 2008/Fall 2009)
  4. Troy Buchanon High School, Troy, MO
    • Varsity Football Coverage (Fall 2008/Fall 2009)
  5. John F. Kennedy High School, St. Louis, MO
    • Varsity Football Coverage (Fall 2009)