Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy

The practice of Sports Medicine is not just for professional athletes, although the team at Regeneration Orthopedics each have extensive experience treating and caring for these elite athletes. The principles used in treating these athletes can be used to help get patients back to their active lifestyle in the shortest time possible, improve pain and function, and return to work following an injury. Our goal is to provide professional level care to patients from St. Louis, the Midwest, and the entire country.

While many physicians may advertise that they are sports medicine physicians, orthopedic surgeons can spend an additional year after their residency training for additional Sports Medicine training. American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine (AOSSM) has accredited many sports medicine fellowship programs. Rush University at the time Dr. Mall completed his training there was considered the top sports medicine fellowship in the country.

Dr. Mall has experience treating complex sports medicine problems such as cartilage restoration, the throwing athlete, and patellofemoral conditions. Dr. Mall also specialize in revision surgery for failed rotator cuff repairs, anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, or other procedures. These cases are difficult because the surgeon must first understand why the prior procedure failed in order to assure the best outcome in the revision setting.

Dr. Mall is dedicated to advancing the knowledge of our patients, the community, and other physicians. Dr. Mall has published numerous articles and book chapters, and continue to lecture on the national and international level, as well as serve as instructors for teaching other surgeons.