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Workers Compensation

Dr. Mall performed his Sports Medicine and Shoulder Surgery fellowship at Rush University. The Sports Medicine program at Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush not only is the most sought after sports medicine fellowship in the country, but is also one of the busiest worker’s compensation practices in Illinois. Dr. Mall developed an interest in taking care of these patients and helping people injured at work return to their job as quickly and safely as possible. Dr. Mall developed extensive experience in the treatment and care of work related injuries and applies his same evidence based assessments and plans to avoid unnecessary surgery which can prolong an injured worker’s recovery. If surgery is warranted, Dr. Mall has spent extensive time researching the most effective, evidence based accelerated rehabilitation protocols that will get patient’s back to work without compromising the outcome of their surgery or long-term health and wellness.

Industrial Athletes

Most work-related injuries are very similar to those seen in professional athletes or weekend warriors. Many jobs require years of conditioning to the body to perform the job duties. Therefore, in many instances, returning to a job that requires manual labor may require a return to work program in which activity level is increased gradually to allow the body to re-acclimate to the activities for his or her specific job. This is the exact same thing we do for our high-level athletes.

Evidence Based Occupational Medicine

More and more research is being performed in the worker’s compensation realm. These studies evaluate jobs at risk for certain injuries, positional and activity modifications for injury prevention, and cost-effectiveness analyzes. Also, the general medical literature for various injuries can be helpful in determining causation based on biomechanical research evaluating mechanism of injury and population-based research looking at asymptomatic prevalence of various conditions that may be part of the normal aging process. Dr. Mall uses this information and his knowledge of the laws in Missouri and Illinois as well as other states when determining causation.

Independent Medical Evaluations

Dr. Mall implements a similar evidence based medicine approach to independent medical evaluations. Most IME’s are dictated and sent back to the requesting party within 48 hours. More complicated matters may take a week to return the examination as Dr. Mall often times will cite, reference, and attach various research articles that support his opinions. Dr. Mall is a Board Certified Independent Medical Examiner.


Dr. Mall has extensive experience using the American Medical Association’s Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, 6th edition for Illinois rating cases. He is certified in giving ratings based on the AMA Guides.

Dr. Mall, also performs ratings for the state of Missouri and takes an anatomic and evidence based approach to these as well. Dr. Mall will describe any anatomic changes, expected recovering times, and outcomes based on the medical literature.