Shoulder and Elbow Injuries in Thrower's

Shoulder and elbow injuries can be some of the most complex problems to diagnose in the field of orthopedics. Each has very important anatomical structures that play essential roles in the stability, strength, and function of the joint. There are many different muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves within a small geographical area, making deciphering the cause of the pain or dysfunction difficult. Also, other area can refer pain to the shoulder or elbow; for example, shoulder pain can be caused by a herniated disk or pinched nerve in the neck.

Taking care of throwing athletes complicates the diagnosis and treatment even further. Most overhead athletes will undergo certain adaptations that may be pathologic in other patients, but may be completely normal in this population. Also, treating these athletes like other patients can lead to unnecessary surgery and poor outcomes. Thus, having an experienced physician is essential to assuring the correct diagnosis is made and that the appropriate treatment recommendation is offered.